Welcome to Day Five of The Sewing Summit…

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CLASS 1 OF 6 – “Peacock Costume Sew Along: Part 2 of 2 (The Mask)” 8:15 – Zoe Beth from Rebecca Page

CLASS 2 OF 6 – “Discover How To Use Scraps To Make Baby Color Books: Part 2 of 2” 34:25 – Tori James from Toriska

CLASS 3 OF 6 – Sewing With Kids: Making A Toy Blanket 41:54 – Alice Smith-Goeke from Fabric Ninja

CLASS 4 OF 6 – “A 3D Pinwheel Quilting Tutorial” 35:03 – Audrey Mann from The Cloth Parcel

CLASS 5 OF 6 – “Simple Lounge Pants/Play Shorts Sew Along (Child Friendly)” 30:40 – Stephanie Carton from The Eli Monster

CLASS 6 OF 6 – “The Ultimate Fabric Buster: Creating Fun & Unique Tumblers” 45:46 – Vicki Troemel from VG Creations

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