Welcome to Day Four of The Sewing Summit…

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CLASS 1 OF 5 – “Introduction to Hand Applique” 56:20 – Nicki Hibbits from The Ruffled Purse

CLASS 2 OF 5 – “The Ultimate Scrap Buster” 28:41 – Shankari Paradee from Sewl Sister

CLASS 3 OF 5 – “Five Roxy Wristlet Hacks” 44:28 – Candice Thurston from Rebecca Page Patterns

CLASS 4 OF 5 – “How To Make An Essential Grocery Sack” 34:49 – Lisa Amundson from Around the Bobbin

CLASS 5 OF 5 – “How to Make Crazy Pincushions” 30:27 – Rumi from 3Patch Crafts

Coming up tomorrow… Day Five!