Keep Your Comfy Sweater: Turn it into a Pillow Cover

by Twinkle Toes & Company


So often we have clothing hanging out in our closets that is special to us that we really don’t want to get rid of. Perhaps they are clothing a loved one wore, or something your kids can’t bear to part with. It could just be something made from a fabric you really like. Rather than keeping it hidden in the closet where it can’t be enjoyed, upcycle those clothes into throw pillows!

This beginner class will show you how to upcycle clothing into Envelope Pillow Covers. Add the pillows to your home décor, make remembrance gifts from a loved one’s clothing, give your kids their favorite clothes back in pillow form, the potential is endless!

Skill Level: Beginner

You can watch this class on it’s own, or as part of the 2020 Upcycling Sewing Summit.

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