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Twinkle Toes & Company

Chaney teaches sewing to 4th – 12th grade students at Three Rivers HomeLink in the Richland, WA school district as well as working as a Pattern Editor for the wonderful team that is Rebecca Page Patterns.
She has always been interested in the craftier side of life and from a young age watched as her mother created crafts and beautiful clothes. As a middle schooler, Chaney joined 4H and decided to try her hand at sewing. That endeavor didn’t turn out quite as she had hoped rather, they were some fairly abysmal pajama shorts. Thankfully, she is a firm believer in Bob Ross’s saying “There are no mistakes, only HAPPY ACCIDENTS.” So, while she really start enjoying sewing until she was in college, she did start honing her other crafty skills, and the “Sewing Life” came eventually.
Chaney spends her time working, teaching, sewing, blogging (when she remembers) at Twinkle Toes & Co. and attempts to keep up with her husband of 19 years, four kids and their gaggle of animals.