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My name is Shankari Paradee and I’m the Sewl Sister! I’m an award-winning quilt designer and creator of Sewl Sister. I have a beautiful and unique way of bringing family legacy and vision into her works of art, through quilting and sewing. Mom of 3 kids, and wife of 14 years, my family is my biggest support and the best cheerleading squad I could ask for!

I’m a quilt designer, seamstress, and quilter! Everything is made with an environmentally conscious approach. My mission is to create a world with no landfill fabric. That means I reduce waste, create slow fashion that can withstand fashion through time, and inspire up-cycling. Sewl Sister continues to create beauty and sustainability on the planet, through using landfill and throw-away fabrics.

My legacy is to create continued learning through sewing, to teach sewing as a skill to bring joy, love, creativity, and the possibility of creating income to others. We also give back to organizations that support survivors of human trafficking. I am working to create a Sewing Room in local communities that will serve to teach sewing for FREE to survivors of human trafficking. Sewl Sister continues to create a world of love, power, passion, connection, and joy through the art of sewing!

I would love to collaborate with women in the manufacturing industry to begin talks on creating a sustainable clothing line from their deadstock fabrics!